Want to start a blog or website?

I'll show you how to share your personal ministry with the online world.

In this full-day workshop, we'll bring the best of our half-day workshops, Build Your Blog and Build Your Tribe, to combine them into one learning-intensive day.

What will I learn?

  • Identify a fast, affordable, and reliable hosting company.
  • How to select & purchase your own domain name.
  • How to download & install WordPress.
  • How to use your new WordPress dashboard.
  • How to find a customizable theme and begin designing your blog!
  • Tips & tricks for creating "get-noticed" graphics.
  • What are the key pages that every website should have.
  • How to install and setup the most important plugins.
  • The legal issues of having a blog including affiliate disclosure.
  • The most common reasons why your blog isn't working.
  • The importance of backing up your site.
  • How to set up Google Adsense on your blog.
  • Identify email service providers.
  • How to set up your free account with Mailchimp.
  • How to customize email form templates.
  • How to use email campaigns.
  • How to add a email sign up form to your site.
  • How to set up a Facebook Page for your ministry.
  • How to create a Facebook Group for your ministry.
  • The most common social media scheduling tools.
  • What are opt-in offers and how they work.
  • Create an automated series of emails for new subscribers.

Who is this workshop for?

Any woman with a story to share, a tale to tell, or a faith that requires you to follow a great God.

You might be a women's ministry leader, a volunteer, a mom, a single woman, a divorced woman, or a woman struggling with anxiety and depression. This workshop is for any woman who wants to live out her story online.  Join us for a fun and informative workshop where I'll teach you the tech you need in order to share your story with an expansive online community. 

Why do I need a blog?

Everyone has a different reason for starting a blog but it typically begins with a desire to share an experience or a message. There are many advantages to having a blog including, personal growth, giving and receiving encouragement, sharing your passion and talent, and being a part of a community that truly resonates with your message. 

How much does it cost?

A half-day workshop is $30 per student and a full-day workshop is $60 per student. Our workshops require a minimum enrollment of 20 students.

How can I bring this workshop to my community?

If you're interested in hosting a workshop for your church, ministry, or small group, email Christine.

Build Your Blog

Live out your life's journey online with your own blog.

Build Your Tribe

Learn how to expand your audience through specific growth strategies.